Kick ass, don’t kiss it – that’s what networks were designed to do.

Moving on from my irritation of the SMH identifying yet another “celebrity” teacher and then immediate efforts of some on social media to echo, amplify and associate with said teacher, I returned to the hub of what has been happening for over a decade.

Teachers (you and I) must reject these media-representations of ourselves and others. We certainly should not amplify, endorse, repeat or try to build capital by association. Why? Because no one – NO ONE – can be stand above, or even outside the core principles JSB is saying in this short reading. No ‘celebrity’ – whether self made, or in the case of some on Chitter – self-endorsed – can be so without also accepting the importance and kindness of others.

The popularity contest is a media trope – it’s damaging the profession not highlighting the best elements and ideas. Let’s be clear about this – the masses buy into the idea that the ‘future will be better’ idiom because it’s human nature for MOST people. The same people usually want to belong and will endorse the  people who not only appear say the right things, but have sufficient perceived (and media shaped) qualities we find in ‘contestants’ and ‘participants’ in TV reality shows. For example, the battling carpenter with cute wife and even cuter toddler who can’t afford to finish their house. They want to follow the social drama, and feel good in finding some sense of connection and identity with them.

This isn’t what JSB is talking about at all. It isn’t how most people got past the beach head of ‘we don’t like technology’ in the first place. I guess some might argue they are doing this – but I also argue they are busy building their own telepresence and care just as much about being listed on “cool influencer lists” and posting photos of themselves with other ‘cool people’. They might not admit it, but rather than scholarship, they are as invested in their own entertainment and status as anything else. Again, listen to JSB and then ask? Who is doing this in a pure sense, and who is just talking bollocks to feel important – I nomonate Dan Hasler as gentleman who is doing what JSB is talking about – and someone I massively respect as both a teacher and arse kicker not licker.

There are no celebrities – and whether or not some media-editor uses the term or not – the fact is, there are no celebrities – therefore, all sycophantic associates need to calm down and read this post from Dan.