Getting back into your life

One of the many things that became very apparent in over one hundred days of media-saturated lockdown is just how much attention I have given to it. I know the ‘experts all say’ and it turns out, I defeinately secummed to the toxi-media-cycle. Lockdown has been aweful for millions of people. I have the good fortune of not living in a unit or an appartment, so while I could not leave the property, the experience has not been all together clostraphopic.

The last four months has made be critically aware of just how far the mind can drift from the what you believe to be the safe harbour of your life. The place which is familiar, comfortable and full of hidden agenda items that we all push into the background. The plain fact is that I have indulged my thoughts to such a degree that any action I might believe I should or could take was easily backgrounded by my own BS. This is quite a wake up call, but I’m okay with it because I now know how to navigate out of the marina and into the world. No expectations and not paying attention to ‘thoughts’ …