Interested in working with me?

My kids often ask what it is I actually do. I think they think I mostly play video games. This of course isn’t true. I am a teacher, educational developer and trainer.

I hold 4YT B.Ed in Secondary Technology, hold current WWC check, BOSTEs accreditation and registered to teach with the Department of Education (NSW) and Catholic Education Office. In short, I can work in schools anytime as both an external support and as a classroom teacher. My two specialist areas for school development are project based and game based learning. I have run workshops and training for primary and secondary schooling, and teach as a casual academic in media and education. I have worked as a senior educational manager and developer in Higher Education, publishing papers and delivering conference sessions on topics as diverse as virtual worlds and classroom classroom management.

My broad view is that children’s natural ability to unleash their imagination and become deeply invested in their own play is under-utilized. Over many years I’ve come believe that by combining these elements of children’s nature with a blended approach to face to face and online learning — we can tap into new ways to plan, organise, deliver and assess their amazing abilities. For as much enthusiasm as I have for technology itself, my approach to learning and teaching is evidence based — and in that, I tend to believe research still matters even in the face of growing popular culture interest in what makes a good school, student and teacher. I bring a broad set of experiences across a wide range of educational technologies, and I think this gives me a unique outlook on how I think things could work.

I am available for: classroom teaching and training; writing; presentations and workshops. Please contact me if that’s the case.



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