Lakeview School Sit-In, Oakland.

This is a great video made by a student at Lakeview Sit In, Oakland. The school was closed down, so the community re-opened it. So the police arrived and closed that down. This is a childs documentary. Powerful stuff. You can follow them on Twitter. There’s also some more video on Vimeo and community activism on Facebook where you can get involved. “Education should be free – not cuts, no fees” being the chant. The police show up to shut it down about 9.20 – as is the current status of the school. It’s a great video – and just goes to show how media-aware the community is – and how much they want their school to stay open. If you so choose, watch the video or highlight it via your network layers.

Published on Jan 7, 2013

The footage and photographs in this video were shot by Myles Boyd, one of the students at the People’s School for Public Education, at the Lakeview School Sit-In, located in Oakland California, on July 3, 2012, in the hours after the early morning police raid.

The Lakeview Sit-In was held at Lakeview Elementary school from June 15th-July 3rd, 2012, and was not only a sit-in, but also ran as a summer school program. The People’s School For Public Education (the free summer school program provided by volunteers) continued for a few weeks after the raid in the park across the street.

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