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IMG_20130911_045939I have a background was in advertising and design building one of Australia’s pioneering digital-design agencies in mid 1990s winning local and international awards for clients such as Air New Zealand, Bankers Trust and Peugeot. I’ve been involved in developing online communities and working with digital media since then. I hold a B.Ed in Secondary (Technology) and M.Ed in Information Technology. I’m undertaking a doctorate at Macquarie University under Professor Catherine Lumby in Media & Communications.

I am investigating how families negotiate video games and game cultures and what this tells us about successful gaming and parenting of children in society.

In 2011, I co-founded Massively Minecraft with Dr Bron Stuckey as an experimental community for teachers, parents and children to promote digital citizenship. Its aim was to help develop substantive game theory. The community grew to hundreds of players online, drawn from all corners of the world. It has been widely received as a transformational model, being showcased at Games For Change (2012) and Games, Learning & Society (2013) as well as appearing on ABC TV’s Youth Programme, Good Game Spawn Point. I have written on the topic of games, virtual communities and education for ACER Press, ABC Television, The Conversation and The Department of Education and Parenting Magazines about video games as essential cultural literacies.

I am currently teaching at Macquarie University, and developing games related courses and approaches to learning at UTS and CSU. I am a co-founder of Teachers In Front, which I hope provides new insights and concrete methods for teachers wishing to use technology in the classroom.

To contact me : please email deangroom@gmail.com My About.Me page is here.

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