If you are interested in games, muves & mmos around game based learning; I thought I’d recommend 10 people to follow.

  1. 4goggas
  2. malburns
  3. rivenhomewood
  4. terryfreedman
  5. deerwood
  6. olliebray
  7. Weflyspitfires
  8. DigitalMaverick
  9. Derekrobertson
  10. bw_clark

Games based learning has some strong evidence based research – and more importantly, we are seeing curriculum developed and delivered. Thankfully, Ewan McIntosh is back on the Educational Stage after being seduced by the glitz of television.  Derek Robinson and Ollie Bray – bootstrapping their way into Scottish schools with console and handhelds . What is inspiring is that a relatively small group of people can change a system from the inside. I suggest – if you have a mind to find out more – that you read Ewans post on Game Based Learning to kick you off.

It’s a relatively small ‘scene’; but what interests me is that they are creating workable classrooms – using games, and you will rarely see them talking about filters and web issues. Its a very interesting idea – that we can develop 21st Century skills and critical thinkers using tools we see in lounge rooms.

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