Learning with an audience

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Joe Dale, what did you do? – I finally plugged the mic into the iPod and went in search of getting some verbal feedback from 9th grade students who have just completed Green Up. This is, believe it or not, the first time I’ve attemped to make a ‘podcast’, but I hope that the boy’s comments will be of interest.

I asked the boys about how using a large scale, inter-class social network affected their learning, what they did in ICT before being in the Web2.0 Classroom and they happily talked about a range of things. Interestingly, I watching a short part of Jeff Utech’s feed from China today. I’m not sure who was speaking … but some of the questions being raised and discusses in that room – are what these boys are talking about.

30 minutes long and made with Garage Band. I think its a good reflection on the design of the last project, and certainly impressed me in how well they understand what is happening in the classroom. I am sure I was not this savvy in 9th grade.