Edublog Nominations

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It’s that time of year – Edublog nominations … which I think is pretty important stuff. I’m also feeling a bit challenged this year, as some of the edu-stuff I read isn’t technically Edu (yet) and represents a tiny part of what sits in my reader, or on my friends list in virtual worlds these days, but never the less … the list must be written.

Best individual blog
Teach Paperless the guy just has Horde attitude, kids and burts bubbles with his lateral thinking

Best individual tweeter
@middleclassgirl – never a dull moment and free writing

Best group blog – But I guess Classroom2.0 will win as it’s just MASSIVE, never the less, massive ideas exist beyond the newbie garden – dangerous ideas live here.

Best new blog – New to me at least – love the conversation that Kelli generates for Australian Educators

Best class blog – You might not see inside, but trust me – Mr A connects kids to the real world with his amazing micro-blog.

Best student blog – Old student of mine I guess Year 10, but a collaborator still – check his first and last posts – that is what communication does in a classroom

Best resource sharing blog
No idea is that called Twitter?

Most influential blog post Nino writes some great stuff – I know this is 2008 – but it takes a while for people to catch up to gamer-blogs.

Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion
What? – Mark Pesce’s endless verbage around himself on New Inventors probably.

Best teacher blog – Because Darcy is dragging admins and execs into the light.

Best librarian / library blog – THE library blog and centre of much rebellion

Best educational tech support blog – Mike Bogle – crazy mixed up Canadian, American, Australian who is resiting the Borg. He puts a lot of the tech-issues in professional dev into focus for me, but it’s not nuts and bolts stuff – it’s interpreting edtech – which is more important to me.

Best elearning / corporate education blog – Betty and Suzie ROCK.

Best educational use of audio / Best educational use of video / visual
Kerry Johnson – as without Kerry bugger all audio or video would leave most decent Education Events in Australia. I know that’s not spirit of the category, but I don’t care, anyone can make a podcast – Kerry can teach you how and run a live event to the planet at the same time. Without Kerry – Ed Au would be just another wordpress blog. Someone should make her the CEO if they were smart. I would.

Best educational wiki – so much so Linden drones felt it out did them on too many levels.

Best educational use of a social networking service – okay, It’s part me – but hell we cracked 250 members this year around game and virtual worlds! So well done everyone! – Of course Ning is the portal, the worlds live beneath … on Reaction Grid, Quest Altantis, Second Life and World of Warcraft … do they could as social networking too?

Best educational use of a virtual world
Virtual Macbeth – Angela Thomas – No question. The design is amazing; the concept original and the execution floorless – this is exactly what Unis should be doing.

Lifetime achievement
Peggy Sheehy – though she might kill me. Peggy is without doubt an elite punk — amazingly generous, supportive and insightful – I am so pleased my 8 year old plays Warcraft with her.

There a stack of blogs and things that DON’T fit into these … all the people in Reaction Grid, Hyper Grid, Unity, Indie Games, story writing, programming … blah … and to all of those people I say THANK YOU. I’m really noticing this year how many people I can’t nominate – but have given me so much help and support.

Best Association — something that we MUST work on in Australia — HTAV. Events this year have been world class.
Most underachieving use of all of the above
– The Department of Education and Training NSW. Who still can’t see the tree for the Wood so to speak.

Hoping to nominate a NSW DET project next year! – Roger?

Keep looking for the edge.