Go teach this!

There are a few people I have met in the last decade that constantly inspire and amaze me. Not because they work uber hard at self-gratifying themselves on social media, but because they work tirelessly to make great things and offer them to people in honest and reasonable ways. Adrian Bruce is one of them. He’s been GIVING AWAY really useful resources to teachers for years.  Not ‘ideas’ or pre-sales junk – actually useful stuff that thousands of teachers have used.

So now Adrian has created a portal for his work. Create a FREE account here – right now.

GoTeachThis.com will become your one stop shop for printable Math & Reading games. The resources available are pedagogically sound and student friendly. They make student learning social, visible and fun.

I know just how hard Adrian has worked on making this a reality, and why he’s so passionate about it. He’s definitely from the “maker” crowd that I have endless time for. His illustrations and graphics are delightful, as is his game-mechanics being used. In the site there are ton of FREE resources as well as VERY AFFORDABLE premium (which pay the bills and keeps the Universe ticking along). These are not ‘generic’ games either. Adrian has done crazy amounts of work in the classroom with these, and they are all next-generation resources in terms of design and development. Many will know Adrian, as he’s been part of the educational-community online as long as anyone. What you might not know is that he has this AMAZING set of resources which you SHOULD PAY FOR and subscribe to because it pwns the free junk that is online (link bait). 

To me it’s the evolution of the grass-roots movement – where people like Adrian are making NEW (not rehashed or duplicated) resource for learning and teaching – backing their passion and insight. Go on, get behind Go Teach This and get your school to subscribe! Get a free account here.

Minecraft Maths

Imagine if each time a parent looked at child playing Minecraft and said – “she loves this math”. Well, if you spend a few minutes watching this video, I might temp you into believing that learning Math in most schools could be different.

Let me give you an example:

  1. What are the conditions for a redstone torch burning out, and what is the probability (if any) that it will do so once the conditions are met.
  2. What are the conditions for a burnt-out redstone torch recovering, and what is the probability that it will do so…

If you use “ticks” in your answer, please say whether you’re talking about redstone ticks or game ticks. 

If you are a parent with a kid playing Minecraft, try giving them this problem to solve. If that all sounds way to hard – just watch the video below. Some maths will come up on the screen as you’d remember it at school.

I’d love to get ideas/links Minecraft specifically for Maths if you have ’em

Neptunes Pride

Neptunes Pride is an multiplayer strategy game played over a number of weeks. It’s is packed with statistics and maths, as you try to conquer half the galaxy. This is the kind of game that requires thought and planning. Its free to play and lets you complete the whole game without needed to put your money in the micro-payment slot.

If you like the idea of strategy, but not about to learn how to stack spells and battle Warcraft style, preferring something like sudoko, then give this a try. Would make a nice statistical project … and will probably appeal to the Mathletes out there. Love to hear what you think.