What if the world was 100 people?

Anya Kamenetz wrote a great article on the case for generosity, saying “Couch-surfing is only the beginning, the Internet could unlock our natural impulse to share goals — and a global economy built on the kindness of strangers.”

How do people who study network effects measure kindness. I know they endlessly look for patterns, collect data – but are they missing the most un-observable element. They are quick to draw lines between numbers and life … but to be honest, dense, cold analysis is just that. What I like about strangers is that they are a gift – even if they are randoms – at least online they don’t make unnecessary eye-contact.

There is so much written in the name of research around the Web2.0 phenomenon – in efforts to quality, quantify in a neat little graph, I’m yet to read anything that deals with kindness of strangers. I know it’s popular to show videos of how big and fast everything is right now – but this took a somewhat different approach – and I liked it.