Learn to stand alone!

2259145996_9140ae22c5MANAGEMENT is not there to change the world, but to make sure that the goals of the organisation are met – by performing some task. Its not their ‘job’ to be innovative. That is everyone’s job – within their own ability or limits. The degree to which the NSW Institute of teachers have got this right is like all things, well discussed, for and against.

Their idea (somewhat hacked for simplicity) is that an experienced teacher mentors and models the ‘practical craft’ of teaching in the early stages of career development against – performance indicators. But we know the bar for ICT use is so low in the BOS syllabus, firewalls so oppressive, that it forces teachers to accept that there really is only one way to become registered – to follow old ideas and old management processes. We actively discourage innovators in favour of compliance.

picture-19This is a complex, time consuming process for new teachers – and a missed opportunity to embed best practice at the outset of their careers,  relying on new teachers learning old tricks.

Its frustrating to hear ‘oh, they should teach them in University’ or ‘teachers need to take the initiative’. We actively bog new teachers down in producing ‘evidence’ of teaching though the perpetuation of old ideas. They have no time to explore new ideas. Learning to stand alone in a classroom is normal.

We can do better – by pairing new teachers with EdTech people, to allow cohorts to move through a learning cycle that includes technology. The roadmap exists, the people exist – the institutions and mechanisms exist – but then I guess that’s the core issue – learning to change is hard.