Are you a NAND or a NOR?

Another drawing. I was thinking about the two most common beliefs about how best to go about education. It seems to me that it’s not as simple as one side or the other. If we thought of this a truth-table, the column on the right is a sort of NAND gate, which of course is how all StarGates work, and that’s the entire purpose of learning – to one day create inter-dimensional portals to other worlds of course.

What this means is that if we use neither approach – amazingly humans still learn. If we use one or the other, we learn, when the two become in total conflict, no one learns much at all and the Star Gate doesn’t get built. The question is, one of these costs an absolute fortune to maintain, and the other doesn’t. One is more than happy to benefit from the others funding, while the other spends vast’s amount of any spare time and money believing the only logic that works is the NOR gate.

The question is, which one is more likely to turn the table in the next few years, and which has most to learn about the other. If the rebels get access to Gainlord Trasmitters watch out.

So where do you see yourself?