This is how bad it’s become

I watched this, after watching Jesse Schell, talking about world of game development which will emerge from the popular “Facebook Games” era.

You know what, maybe teaching people how to make videos; apps and send 140 character messages is absolutely the wrong thing to do. Maybe just living in reality isn’t such a bad thing.

Listening to Jesse, who is talking to the people that right now take 10,000 hours of a kids attention by the time they leave school (the same as they spend in school) – I have to wonder, if we’re not really aware of how deeply creative, considered, collaborative – and academic game-developers are; we could be silly enough to think that games today are no more calculating and psychologically strategic than Space Invaders or Burger Time. They are the opposition, the ones competing with teachers for student attention. They have billions of dollars, we have policy. No prize to see who’s winning here.

I really hope my kids don’t get amused by watching pseudo-techno-reality TV online, but nor do I want them in SheepleVille either. Oh no …