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Cool Tools for iPhone App Development

This is a presentation and collection of resources that was shared by the Apple Distinguished Educators at ITSC. I did check that this was okay to share and he was happy with it, but please cite where it came from. It was a very brief, but interesting ‘unconference’ as the speaker put it. Personally, I thought it was the best 10 mins of the day.

Resources for Up and Coming iPhone Developers (or those at least thinking of it…)

Starting Points
1. Beginning iPhone Development by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche. A good book for absolute neophytes – takes you through all the steps in developing an app. Also has an excellent support page:

This is the homepage for CS 193P iPhone Application Development, part of Stanford Engineering Everywhere’s online course. Lots of lectures, handouts and sample code to get you started. Assumes you have some knowledge of Objective-C.

This is the official iPhone Dev Center from Apple. Contains all the documentation you require to get started, as well as the SDKs to download and all the other odds and ends. Good reference tools here, too. They are also working on developing forums.

Images and Icons

If you’re like me, and can’t draw to save your life, this site is a godsend. Plenty of great icons that you can use in your iPhone apps – all completely free!

Sample Code

A very simple getting started page. Tells you what you get in the SDK, how it all fits together, the principles of iPhone software design, and finally shows you how to build

Some simple examples for common tasks in iPhone App Development.

Matt Drake runs this site; he regularly updates it with useful tips for all iPhone developers. Lots of sample code here too.

Excellent examples here, and the sample code is provided free of charge. Very good site.

Lots of examples here for sample code, as well as some reasonable explanations, so you learn why you are doing and not just how to do it.

30 different samples here – covering a whole range of apps, from simple to quite complex.
Don’t forget to check on youtube for lots of examples!

If you ever have a problem, this community will have someone who will be able to solve it for you. Very useful when you are stuck. Also has a few examples.

Another useful forum. This one focuses on all mac development.

An introduction to objective-C.

Some hints and tips with debugging apps here.