10 million is a game developed by Luca Redwood under the company name Eightyeight Games for iOS. It is essentially a puzzle-matching game, where you are an adventurer on a linear path, running though a dungeon. You pass though locked doors and encounter more and more bad guys which you overcome by matching puzzle pieces.

I find it great for a few reasons, firstly it has an element of probability, which you somewhat control though the use of unlock-able item power-ups earned though achievement and effort – and not by nickle-and-dime-activision style ‘buying success by buying items’.

It also has solid use of D&D questing to do this, so for new gamers, it is a good way to start to think about combinations of ‘things’ that make you better at something. So despite there being one path, there are alternatives and combinations which can be used tinker with optimal performance.

Then there is the simple goal. Get 10 million points to earn freedom by matching objects. Its a great example to show kids as solid-design for getting into game-design. It uses in 8-bit-like graphics and chiptunes with creative commons licensing which further presents the idea that this is the kind of game that can be made, and also be successful.

This video tells you all you need to know … you can get this on PC via Steam too.