More Girls Needed

It’s that point in the year, one which has been more crazy than any other year I can remember – where people ask – how can we improve?

In my case, it’s improving software design development results. The answer, given the data of the last decade available to me is remarkably simple – more girls in the course. The loss of a single girl has a noticeable impact on the cohort results. In a class of 15, we need at least 5 girls.

So this is a simple solution – but it isn’t as the issue of girls in software is complex and lengthy – and from what I can tell – isn’t being resolved year on year. The central issue of recruiting and keeping girls in applied computer science in school is not seen as a school-priority … aside from the podium speakers at EduCelebCon-Covid – as classroom teachers don’t seem to have the necessary voice to impact ‘more than a novelty’ change in cultural thinking.