5 Team Tips to manage online meet-ups


Just a few tips for the new-presenters out there.

  1. Hosts can’t end a meeting and kick students out. It’s more of a democracy, so you need to show them out and then end the meeting. Don’t leave students alone in the room for a wee chat.
  2. Allow 2-5 mins before you start your meeting for reals. Long meeting: post a slide to say what they need to have/do (Learning Intentions) and allow them time to get it. Short Meeting: Side (Today’s date, main topic) and 2 mins to chat.
  3. “This will be recorded”. Let them know when you start the recording and when you stop. Do not ‘record’ the questions at the end. This is weird. People need time to ask questions and probably don’t want that recorded. Allow time at the end. Allow more time if this is a NEW topic/concept/process. Avoid indulging participants who pay little attention in the meeting and assume they will have their special-me-time at the end. Make sure you leave ON TIME.
  4. Poke participants: Until Teams has rolled out the hand/thumbs up button to check if there’s anyone still there – use the Chat .. [?] ask them to use this if they have a question and {kk} if the understand or agree. You can also pose your question in the chat and ask for votes. I tend to encourage voice over passive button pressing.
  5. You have to SHARE your recording. Use MS Stream for this, it’s pretty good and saves time. If you don’t SHARE before getting the link – it will only be available to those who attended. For students who didn’t show up, you will need to SHARE it first – HOWEVER place a deadline on this practice – if they know they can just get it later when they feel like it – they are less likely to show up. Make sure you record the elements you feel are MEET SPECIFIC and add value to participation by giving time to additional topics or questions that pattern non-attenders won’t see.
  6. OH SHIT VOUCHERS – Things happen and we don’t need to hold an inquisition if students don’t attend or drop out. Let them know that it’s okay to have issues. Make sure you’re paying attention to on-going issues (connections/attendance) and make that an off-line conversation later. Don’t replicate roll call arrangements, because things are different now: allow every student at least ONE “oh shit voucher” no questions asked. You don’t know why – and you probably don’t need to.