Mr Rudd was wrong about laptops

The role of the teacher has changed since the advent of 1:1 devices and pervasive social media distractions. We used to be worried that students would be a passive audience for online content, then we worried a lack interactive media would render this generation without the skills needed for the real world. We drank the Rudd cordial about every child having a laptop in order to take part in the Digital Revolution.

As a teacher, I often look out at the audience of laptop covers, the flip sides of which were engaged in organising playlists, watching Fornite videos or responding to social-media obligations. The Internet is the backbone of the Instructional Classroom – flipped planning, challenges, rich media and other Woosims have been a feature of lessons for a decade … and yet, the audience seems more distracted than ever.

I am not sure Mr Rudd talked about this when he announced the revolution, and it seems with media articles about the decline of outcomes/results, he might send a few staffers over help monitor the revolution.