What are your assessments desgned for?

The purpose of giving kids a marking guide is to allow them to find concrete elements to address and strive to accomplish. The purpose of an assessment is to see the point of failure, how the teacher can improve the learning experience, and the point at which how they were learning stopped working for them. Yet is seems teachers believe the point of assessment is to hand out As, Bs and Cs to stick in a report.

Assessment for; of and as learning have quite different purposes – but need to work together. I wince at the word-salad teachers put into ‘assessments’ rubrics, which students struggle to decode. This is because they focus on of learning.

Straight outta the syllabus, it might make a NESA inspector’s day, but it certainly doesn’t help students get better or promote deeper engagement in the long term.

The fog bank rolls in and later students learn they ‘got a B’.

A B is good, right?