My Learning Exchange

My Moodle Course site – for my high school students is here.

My WordPress Blog Network – for my high school students studying DS106

Negotiations of Play – If you are an Australian family with kids under 13, you can add to my research! and find out more about parenting kids who play video games.

My personal blog – started in 2006ish is a decade of me talking about technology and education is still online here.

Find me on Twitter @Type217

Stuff you should know about this blog (and me)

This blog, it’s contents and ideas might not agree with your own. In such a case, I suggest you skip it. This work has no connection to my employers (past and present). My interest is in imagination, creativity, video games, parenting and using technology to creating imaginative, enquiry based learning.

Big thanks for Jim and Tim at Reclaim Hosting for helping me out after disastrous experiences recently with previous provider. Reclaim specialist in educational hosting, so give them a try..