Families & Games Research: Please contribute

This Christmas I’m sure many families will be playing the latest installment of FIFA on their consoles and computers. In 2015 it’s creator, EA Sports was the #1 publisher on PlayStation4 and Xbox One consoles in the world, driven by the success of Battlefield™Hardline, Dragon Age™: Inquisition and FIFA 15.

To put this in perspective, each day there were 16 million online matches played of FIFA15. EA is now considered a top ‘sports brand’, nor just a game-maker with revenue last year of almost $5billion.

Despite these astonishing numbers, we actually know very little about how families come to buy, talk about or play video games such as FIFA.


To find out, I’m researching families with children between the age of 4 and 12, as most of the research on video games has focused on later teens and often looked for negatives. Despite the vast numbers of people who play them (79% of Australian’s played a video game this week) there’s almost no research into where families see games fitting into the overall entertainment and leisure time of children.

I’d really appreciate your input into this. I have a short 5-10 minute online survey as part of my research which I hope you’ll consider taking – or sharing with other families in Australia. I’m also hoping to interview a few families about their experiences in the near future …

I’ve also posted some links that you might find useful about games, classifications and regulating them. Please share this post with others … thanks!