Positional Symmetry

People are telling me, and I am reading that blogging is dead. It has suffered the ‘dose response labor’ virus carried by Twitter and other micro channels. The mythic hero on Twitter is one who says they are connecting, but in truth are providing consumer production under the same illusion of eventual mega pay back that gamblers crave as they buy scratch cards or pump coins into a machine.

This dose response causes necks to bend, hand joints to wear and numerous new health concerns. Add the competitive nature brought by personality power plays and any blog that fails to feed the doser: seven things, how to or other link bait is doomed to be ignored. I’m glad I was blogging back in the day, just as I’m pleased to say I saw the Stone Roses in Manchester … But if blogging has to be reduced to dosing, in order to find a conversation then I guess it’s time to get the bus to somewhere new. I guess it all depend. On where you sit in the game … Whether you think you’re a power player or have a better load out advantage … Or maybe blogging is just about earning money …


But blogging at the beach is a great way to spend 10 minutes wondering what happened to all the great bloggers … And why they didn’t dose up Twitter … Where are they now?