This blog’s a mess :XD

I ran a blogging class recently and had to hang my head in shame. I realised how utterly disorganized and fractured this site has become over a decade. This is mostly a result of changing interests and shifting technologies and communications processes. So my categories don’t make much sense, my tags are inconsistent and frankly some of them are so dated.

I’ve become very lazy. Most of the time I swipe-out posts on my Samsung phone using the mobile app and my finger on public transport. Predictive text and cursor moving is far from perfect. This leads to the odd bizarre word selection, literal and typo, which I shamefully admit to ignoring and not bother fixing most of the time. This is terrible, I should be diligent and proof-read everything blah blah … but I don’t. I don’t because things pop into my head and I don’t want them there. So I blog about things in the hope my humble readership will join in the conversation. I’ve also blogged in epochs, so the focus of what I’m thinking changes as life changes around me. From school stuff, classroom2.0, Second Life to higher education, Minecraft and parenting. After a decade, I’m conscious that this blog is at best eclectic and at worse mis-representative.

It’s time for a clean up. Out with the old and in with the new, which means my categories are about to get nuked and replaced with one which makes a lot more sense. From next year I’ll be doing three things: working on my ‘negotiations of play’ thesis about parenting and videogames, working on games based learning, which is connected to my M.Ed as Teacher Librarianism and teaching media, design and art in middle school using project based learning.

Therefore, I shall hereby promise to clean up my blog, get may act together and even proof-read occasionally. Please stand by as things get moved around. In the meantime, please subscribe to my thesis/games/parenting blog (Mobspawner) which is updated far less often, but really awesome.