Digital Gaffer (Duct)Tape

I am sure that you’ve come across the idea of ‘impostor syndrome‘ which this article describes as “Having to live with a nagging fear of being  “found out” as not being as smart or talented or deserving or experienced or (fill-in-the-blank) as people think is a common phenomenon”. I think that this exists inside EdTech, having met numerous people who use digital gaffer tape to hold together a limited objective knowledge or skill set towards computers, media and devices. When you can’t actually do something, or are not actually facing the problem personally then tactfully, rip off some gaffer tape and stick it over the issue. I meet people who say then know about media, but have never made any and can’t tell an f-stop from bus stop. They’ll judge me because I play games, despite being unable to sign up for Steam let alone chalk up a decent kill-streak.

There is a whole raft of people whom add “paradigms”, “shifts”, “sociotechnics” and other meaningless duct tape over the fact their personal skill and experience is at such a distance, that they can’t see the problem closely enough to solve it. So if you want to prevent kids getting bored, buy some [insert brand name] Duct Tape. It blows my mind how so many experts have never written a blog, created a wiki with students, made a film, played a game … but they’ve seen plenty who have … and that seems more important than it should.