Ps Get Degrees

I’ve try to offer pre-service teachers compelling arguments for using media and technology. The main one being that media and technology are part of a cultural biome that children are inducted into through consumer culture — and therefore media and technology matter. This is backed up by some pithy examples of their own media-lives.

My line of argument is that ‘media studies’ is not part of Australian school curriculum and creates disadvantage for many children who receive neither formal instruction or find themselves in deep-media-technology-centric private schools and wealthy homes. Unless everyone takes this on board, and schools have a cohesive approach to tackling it, then we’ll be in infinite loops of commercial-experiments and groupthink that focus on tools and technologies, not media and technology.

I suspect that “it’s no my direct problem” is the over-all response emerging from a “Ps get degrees” attitude — and that this is a belief inherited from observation of their own teachers.  I sympathise that learning about technology is time consuming, requires resilience and connecting to an unknown community, but surly, if ‘graduate attributes’ in teaching right now is not this, then what is?