Moving house

As the year draws towards an end, I’ve decided to focus on my thesis, and so will blog a lot — I mean A LOT less here about education and schools. I’ve come to a point where I believe strongly that consumer culture has flooded much of the useful debate online, deliberately targets new arrivals with a highly agenderised dialectic process. Particularly in Twitter,  this has created a bleak social reality where subscribing to brands and being popular is more important than evidence.

This year I’ve managed to extricate myself from one pocket-kingdom to re-discover what I found meaningful about learning and teaching, thanks to the kindness of three people and the support of many, many more. I’ll therefore be focused more on my work as a researcher, designer and teacher, in a much less public manner than I have in what is almost a decade of blogging. My research work about families, games and the media is at

Thanks for all the comments and fish. Good luck to all who step bravely into the arena of online educational technology ‘debate’.


One thought on “Moving house

  1. Hi Dean
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas through the blog. Critical, informative, challenging and thought-provoking. I’ve often found it inspiring.
    Pete Mahony

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