10,000 off foot of distance

Without doubt, educational centres know what modern, connected, blended learning is. They know what is heading south of the wall too. However, calls for bravery have been said often and are ignored. No one listened to John Snow either and Winter is coming.

What prevents engagement are mindsets which are more interested in micro-culture and self importance than what the masses want and can already do. There is a mental separation which creates a misguided sense that the masses are not the elites, therefore need to be told what they want or are simply inconsequential.

You can be the most correct, most published, most viable candidate for job in theory and never engage a community enough for it to want to follow you. On the other hand, you can be someone who creates community because you see the mass as essential to cultural production and fill screens and rooms with you ideas.

How do you know if you’re engaging the community? Count the bums on seats not how brave the rhetoric is.