Higher Ed 2024

from a recent Educause depiction of higher education in 2024 …

Library personnel, as well as other campus support staff, meet with students either online or offline. Hands-on learning occurs everywhere, in and out of classrooms. Old-fashioned maker culture and the digital world play off of each other, dialectically. Media classes (e.g., art, computer science, media, literature) combine media production with studies.

I winced at the vision of “other support staff” which maintains the upstairs/downstairs arrangement. This once again diminishes the value of non academic pay cheques. Who else is going to create this vision if not “librarians and other support staff”. Why assume they too would not find alternative arrangements … And be doing something else … Say working online, from home in global courses? This assumption that support staff are little more than a pit pony … Is deeply problematic, given this is a “futurist” expert view.

In a decade? This also seems optimistic given the drum beat of educational development so far. Without radical change in how people are employed and then progress in the meritocracy this vision seems to ignore the increasing casualisation, swing funding and resistencia of academics welded onto narrow technological and recruitment fairways.

Be nice if it happened, keep shuffling, there is a better future I’m sure.


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