Creative, smart and outta here

Creativity is often said to be in demand. The issue is that most people only like the end product and fear the process.

This is what generally what makes creatives dangerous to satisfiers. New ideas present a problem to these self-preservationists in that they’re categorically uncertain.

Creative people learn to spot a satisfier as their entire life is spent in their company. They know from experince that creativity is scary unless placed inside a container the satisfier feels in control of (welcome to brainstorming).

The end product is always the compromise. The creative mind is rarely satisfied, but learns over time to temper their expressions.

Creativity is about solving problems not preserving them to avoid uncertainty. This paradox is life time frustratingly incompatible with authoritarianism entrenched in satisfying and self preservation, but with the advent of social media and social learning … Times are changing.

What I’ve liked the most about the post Digital education revolution and the emergent TAS and Visual Arts is the efforts being made to enable creative processes (design thinking etc) over satisfier outcomes (can Google).

It potentially marks a significant generational shift in how creativity is received and how power to uplift or diminish it will be distributed. The world has never been uncertain or stable … And its great to see the door to creative processes being opened.

Now where’s my special thinking helmet?