Last post – My fave site of 2013

In what is the last post here for 2013, and to again mention I’m moving to Dean Groom dot com (please come over and subscribe). The reason for the move is really to start to focus on the research work I’m doing towards parents and video games — and also the reboot of Massively Minecraft with my good friend Dr. Bron Stuckey in 2014. I’ll still post here from time to time — and anything here — get’s cross posted there care of the magic that is the website IFTTT.

I thought I’d post two things. The first is a link to a website that I constantly dip into for ideas, rest and curiosity called Ironic Sans. It really is the site I’ve been too more often this year than any other.

This is a great idea – life in 60 seconds.

Next check out this great video about the father of game consoles. In my view, Berners Lee would still be writing on post it notes without this guy having the idea to turn the TV-set into a home computer monitor. Without him, there would have been no 80s micro computer revolution in my view.

I’d like to thank everyone for visiting my blog this year. It’s been a VERY hard year for me on so many levels. But hey, still here — still standing. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Catch you in 2014!