Media teachers are a myth.

If your child is taking a computer to school, they are not studying media. If your school has an IT specialist, they will not learn about media. In this post, I’ll argue what is at the root of this problem.

For decades, media studies has been a thorny topic for politicians and curriculum scribes. It has never appeared along side “proper” subjects like English or P.E. Rudds dubious “digital revolution” provided a decade long smoke screen, where computers and technology were used to signal media use, but avoided media study itself. It did not show any improvement in children’s understanding of media. And how could it … as I said, school does not teach it.

You can’t hire a media teacher in public education, nor can you train to become one. Think about that for a while. In a world of rich media, there is no approval to teach, no HSC in… Media studies.

On the other hand, school leaders endlessly bang on about digital literacy as a saccharin substitute for the monster under the political bed.

Improvements in kids use and attitude to media has to encompass deep understanding of media, as a cultural reality of contemporary human existence. Perhaps they will start to analyse media … oh no!