Media education will cure us

If anyone believes in whole or part that the media are innoculating children with bad ideas, behaviours and habits, then media is some form of disease. Educating children about the effects of media will lead children to a greater appreciation of high culture, focus on their studies and be their salvation from moral decline, materialism and addiction to media.

Except it doesn’t. Over decade of anxiety and using media to prevent media diseases, children and adults have been shown in the best research to maintain the same positions towards it. Perhaps what is most remarkable about this is that most vocal proponents of web2.0 are yet to provide any evidence this has changed.

They are now (a decade in) as defensive of their assertions as those who control the curriculum they sought to reform in their own media representations to intervene in “what kids should be doing”.

They are of course both defensive when it comes to games, and rightly so.