RUST … a Second Life Distopia.

Heard about RUST yet? Well you will, it’s going to be MASSIVE with tween/teens. It. is made of some very interesting DNA.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ll know what DayZ is. If not, imagine an open world game a little like “The Walking Dead”. Yes, Zombies. In DayZ though, everything you find is amazing. Its a totally BLEAK survival game. Finding a stick to defend yourself is amazing. Finding a clip and a hand gun is positively cause to throw a party. In DayZ, other players are in the same position, so besides the zombies, who roam around in mobs and will kill you efficiently if you happen to walk into that [house, field, road and so on]. In addition, players are keen to ‘team up’ – as they often have nothing much to defend themselves either. If you have ‘stuff’ then betrayal is more than common – it’s about survival. I said it’s bleak because after hours and hours of play, you die – you lose the lot and start again.

Mr12 loves it, but we play between a few families on our own server … so it’s also a lot of fun as we’re less worried about ‘randoms’. However Mr12 was mercyless when he found out I had a motorbike stashed in a shed.

Rust is a bit DayZ, but also a bit Minecraft. Minecraft is also full of zombies, but you generally get to run back and get your ‘stuff’ if you get blown up or zombie-pwnd. Of course in Minecraft you get to build things to protect yourself. Enter RUST, a game in ALFA for FREE which is based somewhat on the same idea as DayZ, but by the same people who came up with the EPIC Garys Mod. In Rust you get to play PvP, but also build stuff, as you do in Minecraft. It’s also a bit of Second Life … as you get to build structures using a lot of HUD tools – BUT you have to collect and CRAFT.

Imagine playing Second Life, while fighting off zombies and looters intent on killing you and stealing your stuff. You might, at this point be thinking – sounds TERRIBLE. Well maybe if you’re not a tween/teen. If you are, the idea of mashing Garys Mod with Minecraft, building really complex buildings and landscapes then play will be MASSIVE.

RUST is likely to be the NEXT BIG thing for those kids who like to do more than just play but build. So … that appears to be sufficient reason for me to go and build a RUST server and get some test-pilots. Rust was open for ALFA, but now you need a BETA key, so you can’t register … but that will change pretty fast – this game is the MUST HAVE right now.

Parents: This will be gory and require some degree of resilience in your kids to play this. Not least, this is open world and requires crafting (taking ages to make stuff you need). It will be a time-drainer. It will also need some degree of self-control when someone sneeks up and kills you, then takes all your stuff. In short, it’s NOT for kids who are used to playing games in PvP where they are time or round based like COD or TF2. It will come the usual SERVER issues: There will be very positive ones which will be heaps fo fun and others that will be full of douche-bags.



One thought on “RUST … a Second Life Distopia.

  1. This game is actually going to be amazing and this is a cracking post.
    I have actually seen that video on youtube, which led me to another video which gave me a beta key!

    That is the video, I have emailed the owner to try and get some more keys but no response yet.
    Enjoy playing everyone.

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