Be free to be what you set out to be.

Unlike tons of professions, teaching its one of those jobs where you basically talk for a living. Unlike radio presenters (Tom Ballard please leave the building), teachers even get to see the reaction of their captive audience.

Amazingly, even the most edteched up gurus and Twitter famous can’t resist lecturing an audience for an hour. I’m yet to meet one who doesn’t revert to type, and off course plenty of them have no more teaching qualifications or expertise than Tom Ballard either. In fact, as much as I hate to admit it, Ballard is a good deal less boring than get men in Ralf Loren polo shirts.

So why then, in a profession which is based on verbal communication are these people making teachers feel bad for talking. Why is endlessly trotting out how brilliant you and your close friends are in any way relevant to reaching.

If you had the chance to have dinner with five awesome people (Dee Snider, Father Bob, Ron Pearlman, Temple Grandin and Lara Croft) why would you ever believe that making them sit around tweeting each other would be other than rubbish. Would it be any less rubbish if they didn’t show up, but flipped dinner and we’re represented by a video on an iPad.

Teaching is a very pleasing and enjoyable performance. It’s not too hard to see why most teachers see the vault text lands of edu online as not being particularly useful, or even why they get into it. I’ve had plenty of great teachers. Maybe I’m lucky, but the trope of Ferris Beuller is just that, not an argument or evidence that teaching its somehow crap if the primary experience is jaw based.