Become a Microsoft Education Blogger!

Inbound email … in what appeared to be a genuine offer. On logging it however, it quickly became obvious that this ‘network’ being constructed was yet another creepy tree-house, built upon the premise that a few ‘big names’ (read popular in social media) we’re adding some form on content to some form of serious publication. It’s just another marketing portal – and symbolizes where millions of dollars get wasted each year. On self-interested gurus who mostly drive Range Rover Sports to their perky-seminars. Urgh, shoot me now.

Immediately, it wanted access to my private information and up popped a giant photo of someone I know is fantastic at marketing $2500 a day seminars on how to use SEO for newbies and businesses, but not some I can locate in any relevant educational journals. Having dismissed that ‘link’, there was yet another forum, trying to get me to ‘post’ free information to it.

I find this – and other Branded sales-portals among the most un-ethical and idiosyncratic rubbish being pedaled as ‘education’ and ‘innovation right now. I have a badge, it reads “I’m visualising you on fire right now”, which I would gladly wear in favour of Apple, Google or Microsoft.

Please, if you must to do this – please be honest and I wouldn’t have to blog about being skimmed (again).