A world of comforting illusion

Educators who have adopted social media publicise use it to promote many things. There are only one representation of the future. The dominent one appears increasingly devoid of ethics – which is alarming, as teaching would appear to be a pillar of it.

The limited research available suggests around 5% of teachers have used social-media in relation to their professional needs. This is a distinction between using social media and using the Internet. Despite this, billions of dollars have been spent on the Internet, laptops and so called professional development in the last decade.

The universal phrase ‘the Internet’ is used to confusingly describe websites or services which they are willing accommodate in their day to day practice nothing more though in-culture popularity and bias, rather than any empirical evidence. This is whipped up by other people with un-fulfilled rock-star fantasies (twitter influencers) not practicing teachers or researchers. And this called professional development of teachers. It amazes me that there are no standards, ethics or accountability in this unregulated sector of education. I’m gobsmacked that at a time systems are cutting staff, head offices are still organising seminars to listen to these bar-stool experts. The best thing for kids in classrooms are teachers – ones that are there for a long time, not a lesson.

There’s proliferation of private educational providers which are unregulated, unaccountable, and out of control. The increasing globalised society is mediated though the 24/7 news and commerce cycle and has disrupted many things. However, education performs a particular function.

All over the place, from the popular culture to the propaganda system, there is constant pressure to make people feel that they are helpless, that the only role they can have is to ratify decisions and to consume. – Noam Chomsky

I wince at educational leaders who forge Twitter-famous identities to sprook their schools for their owners. Some are beginning claim games such as Minecraft can change the classroom As though this new-tech-interest is another spoon full of sugar that only those who ‘pay’ can access. It they believed it, they’d be out there doing it for everyone not just their patrons.

If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion. – Noam Chomsky

I support the idea of society having open and quality communications. I don’t support those who seek to deny people of this right. Many who can most afford to help other schools, teachers, kids and parents – don’t. But if they are at their rich school with their luxury surrounded students – you bet they are on Twitter telling the world how awesome they are and how awesome technology is.

Perhaps consider the relationship between being a professional teacher and an ethical one before you post. I’m pleased you’re kids are doing well, but at the same time it’s those kids who grow up to let other kids sleep in cars not beds. Think before you tell people what the future is going to be. For 70% of kids, it looks like 50/50 unemployment right now, increased student debt and lower life earnings.

Just sayin’