Duel Screen phones … now.

I’ve been doing some work on e-books and e-readers. It’s so easy to wander into the near future with this stuff, given that e-ink and e-paper is so flexible and requires such low power.

One example is this. An android powered duel-screen smart phone. On one side, we have a typical ‘droid phone display and on the back e-paper powered screen. Imagine for a second that the future of classroom technology was born from the un-holy union of a musical birthday card and a e-reader. Imagine that a students writing book had an e-paper jacket.

Now they can read and write and cruise the internet (if only in black and white). But then again, some of us remember a small back and white pill-box computer that changed the world. Yet another reason not to assume the determinism of iFads and tablets is the future of classroom technology. Oh by the way, Amazon have a similar device with a patent and Sony can print you an phone from a ticket machine.

Perhaps the future classroom tech will be a smart-book that teachers can beam content to via a VPN … now that would be cool.