Double standards

This is tapped out on my iPony.

My daughter had some assignment to do for “homework” which required the use of a computer and the Internet.
She’s in 4th Grade and school doesn’t provide either.

I take issue with her using her laptop for school homework. First, she is not allowed to take it to school. Second, not all kids go home to geek-houses. Third, she’s in public school. Last I checked, public education was supposed to be publically funded and all children have the same opportunities regardless of personal challenge, financial status and so on.

It is not big/clever to promote double-standards. If she can’t use it to learn in school – the way she does at home (10,000 mile distance between the two) then she will not use it at home for school.

I wince at the way some teachers in public schools see this as some kind of punk activity – a work around. Getting kids to use home networks for school work. Why? Because its more self-promotion and bubble-gum activism. It adds to the gruel and lack of balls to tell the system – rack off. Rethink how this should/could work.

If public education believes my child needs to use a home computer, then first recognise she can use one to higher standard than they imagine and secondly, if the same affordance is not given to all children (not just her class) then you are part of the problem – not the solution.

At a time public education is ripping 2 billion out – I for one don’t support the burden being passed to the home and I’m not about to sit by and high-five ir as a step forward.

If what is being asked is less than she can do already or I have some proof that teachers dabbling in CAL actually know something about it – I might entertain the idea.

As it is, I’d rather she spent time on the German Language site she’s wanted a subscription to – and got – which is banned in school.

Sorry if this ticks people off, but this kind of behaviour widens the equity gap and assists no one.

Don’t call it under ground or grassroots. It’s about the rights of kids being circumvented -again for no more reason that a few being able to Tweet about it. Go you, go innovation.