Digital Home and Contents Insurance

Cyber saftey has crossed into the “internet of things” already. Governments and law enforcement agencies are gradually implementing surveillance technologies that are more accurate, unnoticeable, cheap, pervasive, ubiquitous and searchable in real time. Don’t expect an announcement on this – it’s a dirty business behind closed doors.

To me $50 a year is a small price to pay for digital-home-insurance, and a great opportunity to engage my kids in discussions about freedom, privacy and liberty. It’s more essential than anti-virus or firewalls – although your Telco and government will make little mention of it – they value the collection principle over anonymity principle.

I’m doing the feds a favour. Along with fitting a smoke detector and locks to my windows, I’m securing my kids from enemy-agents too. I’m doing my bit to protect our way of life. It’s like not leaving tempting valuables in the car. For $50 a year, I can VPN up your iPhone, tablet and home computer.

Of course this doesn’t stop Telstra types selling you down the river, or accidental data-dumping – that’s just incompetence. But I still think fitting VPNs to you (and especially your kids devices) gives you a valuable buffer. It’s a deep dark hole when you start looking into privacy online. It’s hard to stand back and say “I don’t have time or that the issues are too complex”. This burn note will self-destruct in …

If you’ve got kids going online at home – playing video games, watching video and so on – and you don’t have a VPN then good luck to you.