Blogging ex-machina

Blogging is not the art of writing in a particular style in my view. Goodness knows I do have to write in a formal manner for various aspects of my employ and on occasion for magazines and newspapers – often on the positives of gaming, while the other fellow writes about how bad they are. Both things require writing with a great deal more attention than I’m ever prepared to throw into a blog post.

In fact, most of the posts I write are literally thrown into the basic WordPress window. I made no apologies for grammar and spelling, given most posts, like this one, are tapped out in down time (which goes with my down-time learner theory that I came up with a few years ago). I don’t write it in order to be famous, but over the years have found feedback really useful.

Most ideas, thought and wondering come from me not making sense of the world or finding my brain colliding with dogma and rhetoric that commonly lacks any real substance. Over in the corner, I do say that this blog is my opinion – which is subject to change and amendment. Blogs, unlike books, essays or journal pieces are not supposed to be absolute.

As someone I respect (and writes for better than I do) once said – a blog should show thinking or get people thinking – not tell them what to think. I often bash out ideas on some mobile device and not overly interested in wrangling predictive text or chewing on a thesaurus while I’m doing it. So if you wish to be a critique of this sloppy activity – go ahead.

I could draw my ideas too if I wanted, as I am also an illustrator – which of course would most grammar trolls are not. But I choose to use this limited language tool set simply for putting ideas out there and see where they land – or not.

In fact, I made a point of never learning how to touch-type. When I was a junior designer to avoid being seen as a typesetter and being given boring work I constantly did a bad job at typing. I used to write at most half a dozen words as a communications designer. I worked with writers, and people who read the spots of everything.

Perhaps I am dyslexic? many of the worlds best desgners are.