Mr11 levels out of low-tech-school

Mr.11 graduates year 6 of primary school this week. We have been fortunate as my wife is the AP at the school. He’s felt pretty secure and has had some great teachers. It’s not a flash school and this year has been the only year there as been an IWB on the wall. No iPads, no laptops and just a few, often broken desktops. As far as I can gather from him, it’s not used much.

I have had high hopes and ambitions around technology. Mr.11 uses technology at home but alas the primary-school landscape is a dismal picture of old-machines and semi-states of repair in an environment which by and large not been impacted by technological potential nor corrupted by the blatant agendering and deception being presented as ‘better teaching’ on edu-social-media which (in my view) is at epic proportions and in ever decreasing circles and sales cycles.

I’ve come to learn to love the fact ICT has been largely omitted from his primary years. Sure, he’s never blogged, glogged, podcasted, skyped, gamed or iPadded his primary years – but he found the human-element he needed from his teachers, for which we are very thankful – and which cannot be measured by any of Internet metrics or political test.

Thanks Kincumber PS. 2 more to go.