1975 – Ronald Reagan Tweets

Edward Said – “Everything is double edged or more”, a comment from this amazing pre-Internet discussion who also included Ronald Reagan in 1975. I should point out this is an online discussion. A TweetUp or #chat if ARPANET means little to you.

Marcel Broodthaers
Who decides on this freedom.
Edward Said
Corporates of course.
Ronald Reagan
Liberty must be defended and secured by freely elected governments.
Edward Said
Western corporates.
Ronald Reagan
Corporations must be free to compete as well yes.
Ronald Reagan
You sound cynical Ed.

It’s an amazing thing to see people just messing with a new thing and talking about it. No ones complaining they are not trained as no one assumed much at all.

Ronald Reagan, Jane Fonda, Edward Said converse via ARPANET 1975! http://t.co/Fquezesm via Harold Rhiengold

So glad this popped up – bolsters my view that simple encounters with new things, discussed between diverse people leads to generative progress.

Compare this to how politicians, experts and the famous use it.

A seminal inclusion in computer studies and a cornucopia of driving questions.