Bring back the big screen!

While this video is somewhat biased, it does present a somewhat confronting new proposition for those whom design computer labs and such for schools. One of the monumental fails of “netbook” and “tablet” adoption (in my view) has been the compromise of screen size, at a time where everywhere else in consumer electronics, large screens are now cheap. The netbooks, despite all their [claimed] power and software have tiny screens.

So here we have a phone, acting for all the world like a ‘computer’. What if the czars of policy pulled their head out the sand and accepted a new reality. We could buy good quality screens and allow kids to plug in their phones and use them using the kind of software they’ll find and use anyway. After all, it’s about the work right? no the app or the eLearning guru’s ‘specialist’ skill in bringing them to teacher attention.

I suspect if kids just plug their phones into screens we might radically change the eLearning hierarchy and realise that curating apps and suggesting other people use them isn’t a job at all – thus finding plenty of money to install decent screens in classrooms and libraries.


One thought on “Bring back the big screen!

  1. Um. I think the video is the wrong one? I did see the proper (I think) video on twitter. Interesting idea and one I immediately played around with, albeit on the iPad rather a phone. It also prompted me to look at other products. Clam case are developing this that aims to upscale these pocket devices. My students don’t believe me when I talk about my first computer, a Tandy trs80 or even (mid 90s) 486 dx2/66 and how their phones have more ram, more storage than the old desktops. Great post, Dean.

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