Will we make it to the border?

Turn off meme-fm. Paying tens of thousands for a popular-chap to powerpoint you a poor story badly told is not the future we we’re promised. Everyone’s a teacher, the regime of day to day classrooms is a glitch. Teachers are those people who are willing to get off their backside and help kids – beyond the day job or self-interest. If they do it during the day, then they are the lucky ones. Millions of teachers are doing what this video talks about – unpaid and un-recognised – while the teacher-to-teacher meme of progress lags in blogs, wikis and podcasts. Ask the sages of the powerpoint-stagse – what projects are you doing with kids today? How many hours did you spend working with kids this week? What are you giving up to do this? 90% of them are only interested in the consultancy fee.

This  video burns … it’s talking about anyone getting out there and using the fluid-web to learn and teach kids – because it’s the right thing to do. This game is now PvP – if you tweet it, make sure you can show it in action. I’m sick and tired of hearing experts on the stage paid tens of thousands of dollars to tell everyone what the future is with bar-stool-philosophy. They have no evidence, they are often no more qualified to speak on kids than any parent running a soccer-camp (at least they do) and frankly these people have no idea what kids are doing already – or might want to do. They don’t teach kids, they lecture teachers – charlatanism in a suit with a boyish smile.

The meme is holding the agenda hostage, and it sucks. So before anyone lectures you – ask them – what exactly do you do for kids?