Two kids Minecraft blogs that will blow your mind.

Massively Minecraft isn’t just an out of school game anymore. There is BIG game running via Education Victoria and also Project MIST, running in Tasmania by the epic Donelle (who should keynote ACEC IMO) run by kids for kids who are kicking games into the classroom, running their own server now. Read the story in here. Many of the kids have their own servers too. Its amasing to see how a kid can learn to do that in 6 months. What matters most is that they have learned they ‘can’ so will be forever changed from a user to a creator.

Two blogs to watch – Natbot and Falcon. If you want to see how insightful, imaginative and capable kids are, then go read their blogs. Of course they blog because it matters, not because it’s cool or they were told to.

Very soon we’ll be out of Beta, which isn’t about the technology, it’s about the learning processes. Watch out for MassivelySchools soon.


One thought on “Two kids Minecraft blogs that will blow your mind.

  1. I am so impressed with these students, they make me proud! To be involved with students who are designing their own learning and supporting the learning of others is an exciting process. They have reignited my passion for learning 🙂

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