Happy BIrtthday Massively Minecraft

Massively Minecraft has grown to the size of a large primary school. We have parents and teachers online helping children learn though play and imagination. Our global community reflects the same cultural and gender make up of any school – and our kids spend the same amount of time in the game-world as they do in their school world. The curriculum is based around imagination and play – the assessment tasks tied to international standards. Our kids surpass these year’s in advance of the benchmark. We are teaching teachers about all forms of technology, and our world is a cross sectoral virtual playground of professional development. Many of our teacher-parents, you will know well, they write some of the biggest blogs online and have influenced thousands of people.

We also have zero funding. We want to keep it free. What ticks me off is the wasted millions spent on programs that quite frankly are never going to scratch the surface of what this community has achieved in its first year. We are not a game, we are not a school project – we are a 24/7 pervasive world – and without question, we influence and change lives. How do we know – people tell us.

Happy First Birthday Massively Minecraft. Sorry, no present.


6 thoughts on “Happy BIrtthday Massively Minecraft

  1. Grats Dean, Joy and all! You are really showing how education and “school” can be deconstructed and re-shaped to create an authentic learning space for all (adults and kids.) Here’s to many more years.

  2. I’d love to chat with you about how challenges are developed in Massively Minecraft. I have some thoughts on how students could learn mathematics through challenges they do, but I’m not clear on how I can program challenges, or at least develop specific guidelines on what success in these challenges looks like.

    I’ve started some of my thinking here, and I think Minecraft could easily be the platform that supports this kind of learning in mathematics.

  3. I thin Massively Minecraft is the one who is giving the gift of inspiration to any educator thinking about tapping into the huge learning potential that Minecraft offers. I’m still getting the concept off the ground at my school and your work really adds credibility and know-how to those of us who know we should be paying more attention to virtual worlds but struggle to know where to start.

  4. Hi there
    I’d like to know more about gamification, particularly with Minecraft. Can you direct me to some resources please? Very very novice! lol

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