Harlow Lilywalk

A wheezy gasp of air enters my lungs, ripping them apart as I heave inward. My thoughts reverberate off the walls of my mind and I can’t think straight at all. I open my eyes and immediately regret that impulsive decision. I spin violently, plummeting towards the spongy earth. What is happening? A low buzz drones through my ears, a monotone blur of words. I steel my mind and focus, trying to catch every syllable.

Meet Harlow Lilywalk a young author creating a transmedia fiction thrill ride.  In the last few weeks it has been my privilege to have watched Harlow write, to work with Bianca Hewes and her year 10 English class. I won’t grind away at the details, I think that would diminish the achievement of all the writers.

For the winner and the fallen – my deepest gratitude. I hope that those who wrote, will write again.