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Bruce Sterling argued in his 1986 introduction to Mirrorshades that cyberpunk’s appeal lay in its reflection of larger social undercurrents.

Technical culture has gotten out of hand. The advances of the sciences are so deeply radical, so disturbing, upsetting and revolutionary, that they can no longer be contained. They are surging into culture at large; they are invasive; they are everywhere. The traditional power structure, the traditional institutions, have lost control of the pace of change.

So, while people re-tell and re-pack this story under the educational label – I have to ask, how come my ten year old has learned/done nothing with technology and this is now his final year primary school. He’s a kid who has apparently been in the midst of this digital revolution. Forgive me Buck, when you post about how great change is – manipulation by agents intent simply on pursuing their own agendas under cover of community consent are not (yet) convincing me, nor are they preparing him to do more than type out Word documents.

Thankfully Blizzard Entertainment exist.