Listen to the natives

Prensky also said “our kids will start listening again when we begin to listen, and to value their passions and developing skills.” Games designers are listening. Ralf Kostner uses “fun” as a synonym for “unforced learning”.

So let’s be open about this, student-centred-learning can clearly happen effectively without a teacher. If we look at research on retention of information, lectures, powerpoints and textbooks – to a child – they barely crack 10% info-retention rates.

It seems odd when we stack up the research, the trends, the forecasts which do listen, and do collect extensive data (such as OECD), that learning isn’t often about fun, discovery, discussion and mobility. Perhaps this is simply to keep 90% engaged in a practice that works 10% as well as it could.

No one felt sorry for the typing pool or the finished artists when technology arrived to make their jobs obsolete.