Edublog Awards – oh dear

I was dissapointed to discover that the annual Edublogs Awards has not included a virtual world catagory, choosing to instead encourage people to add a nomination under social-networks. This further marginalises a valid medium in favour of adding popularist and meaningless things such as ‘best free tool’ or hashtag. Classroom 2.0 wins Best Social Network due to it’s size. And yet – games and virtual worlds have been one of the few ‘new’ inclusions at conferences this year, no longer in the back room, but on the main stage. Go figure.


2 thoughts on “Edublog Awards – oh dear

  1. Some good points, Dean! It was a difficult decision – made completely because the number of nominations and votes last year was low compared to other categories, and we thought it worked well by combining them. This will definitely be looked at again for next year. The bigger value, for us, is the lists that are created in the nominations – which are still there. Definitely appreciate the feedback!

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